New Mexico 811 is here to serve and protect homeowners across our great state.  We are here for you to submit information about any home projects you are planning that will require digging, such as planting a tree or building a fence. Homeowners are required by law to notify NM811 two working days in advance of their excavation projects. Even shallow depth projects have a possibility of coming into contact with telecommunication, electric or gas distribution lines. If you are hiring someone else to do the digging for you, they will be required by law to make the one-call request at least two working days before the planned excavation.  Our trained representatives will assist you in providing the necessary information to our member companies.

When you call before you dig, you’ll prevent unintended consequences such as injury to you or your family, damage to your property, utility service outages to the entire neighborhood and potential fines and repair costs.

New Mexico 811 services are FREE!

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If you are a farmer or rancher, we know your lively hood depends on the land; New Mexico 811 needs your help in preventing damages to underground lines. Often pipelines or other utilities cross fields on your property and are out of sight and out of mind. Following the dig safely process will help to keep your farm, ranch, family and community safe when performing excavation activities. A free phone call to New Mexico 811 is strongly recommended prior to excavating and it is required by law.

Beneath the soil on your farm or ranch, there may be underground gas, oil, water and other vital lines serving your community. Excavations, terracing projects, fence post, farm ponds or tiling subsoil can create a possible risk due to the depth of the excavations. A gouge, scrape or dent or other damages to lines or pipe coating will cause a leak or break to occur.

No one digs more dirt than America’s farmers and ranchers. Understanding what is below ground will help you dig safely above ground. Call 811 before you dig in order to notify underground facility owners who will be affected in the dig site. The service is FREE, and it is as easy as calling 811.

Additionally, you may own important underground lines buried on your shared property or along rights-of-way that you want protected. Your irrigation lines, power, and other utilities may be near someone else’s underground facilities. By becoming a member of New Mexico 811 you will be notified when someone intends to dig on or near your own private utility lines.

Fill out the membership form and see how easy and inexpensive it is to add another layer of protection to your farm or ranch operations.

Submitting A Locate

When making a request to 811 our customer service reps will ask you for the following info

  • Name & Contact information of excavator –“ a person who can answer questions about the proposed dig”
  • Alternate name & contact Information if available
  • A description and purpose of type of work to be done at the dig site.
  • The name of the person whom the work is being done for
  • Have you pre-marked the site in white (paint, flags, ribbons, stakes, etc.)?
  • Accurate physical description of the actual dig site
  • The physical location and size of the excavation site (civic address, township –range-section-quarter section, or GPS coordinates and front yard, back yard, certain radius of stake, etc.)
  • Driving directions especially in a rural area (from nearest major cross street, mile post marker, etc.)
  • Spotting instructions
  •  Access issues or Hazards (locked gates, guard dogs, septic tanks, etc.)Helpful Tips
  • Once completed, our customer service rep will confirm the info back to you. They will also provide a list of Underground Utilities who may have services underground in your area. These utility companies will send out a locator within 2 business days to locate any buried lines that may interfere with your dig site.
  • If your dig area is behind a fence or typically locked gate, please have it open for the locator to access the area.
  • If you have pets it is a good idea to relocate them during the 2 working days while the locators mark, for both their safety, and the comfort of your pet.
  • It’s always helpful to mark the area you will be digging with spray paint, flags, or other clear means.
  • Once the area has been marked, dig carefully if any of the locate marks are within your dig area. Only dig by hand. (Use of mechanical equipment requires an 811 ticket by law)
  • Note that utilities will only mark up to your meter or point of demarcation. After the meter will not be marked, as the lines are privately owned by the homeowner after that point.
  • Also not that your sanitary sewer line will also not be marked. Sewer lines are privately owned by the homeowner and are not the responsibility of the utility services.
  • We here at 811 do not actually mark the lines. We provide your info to the Utilities that do.
    • In some situations, a utility is able to tell if your dig area is clear, without sending a locator to your property.
    • Some utilities may use a contractor instead of their own employees. It is possible for the logo on the truck to not match the company name they are locating for.

Be advised that damage to an underground facility can be costly, and you can be held responsible. Damage to gas or electric lines may also be deadly. It’s important to always “Know What’s Below” and Call us before you dig.

Locate Request

For locate requests call: 811 or 1- 800-321-ALERT (2537)

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Excavators/Contractors choose option 2

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