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About NMOC: History
In 1988, the U.S. government passed the “Pipeline Safety Reauthorization Act of 1988.” This law required all states to establish one-call coverage for pipelines, and also required the Department of Transportation and states to establish qualifications and procedures for operating one call centers.

At the time, New Mexico had eight separate one-call centers. Many of the state’s large underground facility owners, including telephone companies and utilities, participated in all eight centers. But they were concerned because some of their underground plant (cable and pipeline) was located in areas not covered by any of the centers.

The largest underground facility owners in New Mexico formed an organizing committee to discuss the need for a statewide one-call system. Five companies signed articles of incorporation in 1989. In April 1990, New Mexico One Call began providing one-call service to Albuquerque. Two months later, the new one-call center expanded its coverage to most of the rest of the state.

By 1991, New Mexico One Call’s membership had increased to 64, and the organization was providing coverage in all 33 counties in New Mexico.

Just six years after it opened, New Mexico One Call experienced the highest growth in its history, increasing its membership by 16%. The organization received a phone call every 1½ minutes while open, sent a ticket approximately every 20 seconds, and took a line locate request every 54 seconds.

New Mexico state legislation setting minimum standards for one-call centers took effect. New Mexico One Call, Inc. met or exceeded all those standards.

As of the end of 2001, its 11th year of operation, New Mexico One Call had grown to include more than 160 members who own and/or operate over 77,000 miles of underground plant. New Mexico One Call continues its commitment to providing efficient, comprehensive damage prevention services throughout the state of New Mexico.

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